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Also, the very first 16 bytes contain the serial number of the card and certain other manufacturer data and are read only.

That brings the net storage capacity of these cards down to 752 bytes for MIFARE Classic 1K, 3,440 bytes for MIFARE Classic 4K, and 224 bytes for Mini.

It comes with several enhancements above the original MIFARE Ultralight Introduced at the Cartes industry trade show in 2008, MIFARE Ultralight C is part of NXP's low-cost MIFARE offering (disposable ticket).

With Triple DES, MIFARE Ultralight C uses a widely adopted standard, enabling easy integration in existing infrastructures.

This can be used to handle the encryption in communicating with the contactless cards.


MIFARE Classic 4K offers 4,096 bytes split into forty sectors, of which 32 are same size as in the 1K with eight more that are quadruple size sectors.Other features include: MIFARE Plus, when used in older transportation systems that do not yet support AES on the reader side, still leaves an open door to attacks.Though it helps to mitigate threats from attacks that broke the Crypto-1 cipher through the weak random number generator, it does not help against brute force attacks and cryptoanalytic attacks.MIFARE Classic encryption has been compromised; see below for details.


MIFARE Plus is a replacement card for the MIFARE Classic.

All card types are compliant with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A.



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