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One of the most important tasks for central and local authorities is to give equal possibilities in getting the top quality education for all citizens of Ukraine.The table on page 9 represents the structure of education.At the end of the 12th century, Kiev Rus was split into many small reign areas.

On the other hand, European traditions in education influenced the process of establishment of the first higher school in Kyiv in 1632 Collegium and Lviv University, founded in 1661.

Foreign languages such as English, German, French, Spain were the main part of the curriculum, that built favorable conditions for successful preparation to International Language exams.

Ukrainian universities take an active part in work of European educational bodies as well as European Association of International Education.

Ukraine was one of the countries that signed the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education in Europe (Lisbon, 1997).

In 1999 the Parliament of Ukraine ratified the convention.

The end of world confrontation and establishment of Ukraine as an independent state opened new perspectives for Ukrainian education and its integration into the academic world.


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