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A long boardwalk linking Silver Sands with the Walnut Beach enclave opened in 2011.Milfordites have in recent years opposed the Silver Sands “build out” idea because they said that they’d have to pay for parking at a park that they frequent a lot.A band of twelve of the best warriors ride around the barrow, singing dirges in praise of their lord.Parallels have also been drawn to the account of Attila's burial in Jordanes' Getica.


The project was instigated by Tim Daw, a local farmer and steward of Stonehenge.

Patroclus is burned on a pyre, and his bones are collected into a golden urn in two layers of fat. Achilles then sponsors funeral games, consisting of a chariot race, boxing, wrestling, running, a duel between two champions to the first blood, discus throwing, archery and spear throwing.


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