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The survey also serves as a platform to physicians to express what specific boundaries they have experienced or anticipate experiencing regarding the implementation of the DPP and/or Prevent Diabetes STAT.

Participation in this survey is essential to the development of various educational components that will benefit both the physician and patient communities. By educating physicians and connecting more patients to evidence-based lifestyle change programs, this diabetes initiative will help bridge the gap between clinical care settings and communities to reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes.

(DIVISION OF GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS) The United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded the Obama Administration guidelines that allowed states that had authorized the use of marijuana under state law without fear federal prosecution.

New York State has authorized the use of marijuana for certain medical conditions.

For more information, visit Legislation (S.6800/A.8516) to significantly expand the medical malpractice statute of limitations was the ONLY bill that passed the State Senate and Assembly in 2017 that has NOT yet been acted upon by the Governor! Cuomo has until the end of January to consider the legislation. NY overwhelmingly has the highest medical liability costs in the country and was recently designated by Wallet Hub as the worst state in the country to be a physician.

The bill would significantly expand the time to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit, in circumstances based upon an “alleged negligent failure to diagnose a malignant tumor or cancer.” Moreover, given that there will be ongoing discussions with the Legislature regarding the ultimate disposition of S.6800, physicians are urged to contact their local senators and assembly members to: During the State of the State, Governor Andrew Cuomo emphasized all that his administration has done to confront the national opioid crisis, but did indicate that more can be done.

The Medical Society of the State of New York has always expressed concerns about federal prosecution against physician who certified a patient for the use of marijuana.

Under the New York State statute establishing the marijuana program, the governor or the commissioner of health has the ability to suspend the program at any point.



According to the Department of Health, New York State’s marijuana program for medical use has 1,384 providers that are approved to certify patients for marijuana and has 40,286 patients that use marijuana for medical conditions.

An additional 5.46 jobs, above and beyond the clinical and administrative personnel that work inside the physician practices, are supported for each one million dollars of revenue generated by a physician’s practice.


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