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Once things are final and a go, the target date is a soft opening by the end of July. The restaurant is slated to open from mid to late June, and will feature an eclectic menu that includes Moroccan, Asian, French, and Californian influences from chef Hicham Senhaji, a native of Morocco.Sample dishes on the menu are Moroccan pan-seared scallops with pine nut couscous, or cumin and anise seed-crusted rack of lamb, plus brochettes, and bastillas.Thanks so much for considering a donation—I was really touched by my experience with the students and want to do something fun and educational for them.

Next week: less news and events, and a big honkin’ write-up instead.No word on the why, or when it will reopen, stay tuned... The two-level space has a 90-percent vegan menu, serving a few dishes with real cheese, hence the ten percent that’s non-vegan.


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