Josh ritter dating dating gulf shores al

Gathering proves once again that it’s great to be living in a time when Josh Ritter is making music.

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And while the songs came rushing out, very few from the immediate aftermath would make it onto Ritter’s new album, The Beast in Its Tracks.

“I needed no inspiration for this record,” he says. I felt it was another thing where ‘at least I can do this.’ But really, it was so unsatisfying at first because I had so much back there, so much stuff pushing the songs and pushing the hand on the page—real rage and wanted revenge and anger and self-pity.

takes the stage, he’s tapped into the kind of pure joy that most of us only find at those really important milestones—engagements, marriage, childbirth.

In between songs—or in between verses, or when he stops to take a breath between syllables—he breaks into a wide smile, returning the affection from audiences who learned to adore the Idaho native soon after his breakout album The Golden Age of Radio in 2002.


Josh Ritter’s music is obviously the result of a broad range of influences, which he manages to sprinkle liberally and smartly throughout his work.But back in 2010, in the middle of a tour, his marriage to singer/songwriter Dawn Landes began to crumble with a phone call.


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