James garner and gena rowlands dating

"John and I would go into a normal routine when we weren't shooting," she says. He would rewrite a script 30 times until he got what he liked. Befitting her royal status in independent film, she's appeared in films by Woody Allen ("Another Woman"), Jim Jarmusch ("Night on Earth") and Terence Davies ("The Neon Bible") as well as several by her children; she's also gone back to TV, popping up on "Monk" and "NCIS." And, of course, her biggest movie hit of all: "The Notebook." "No one thought that would be so successful," she says. 'Oh, a chick flick.' But the chicks liked it so much they would go home and grab their husbands; 'You're coming to see this movie!

He turned our garage into an office, and an editing room; our whole house became a set." Cassavetes died in 1989, of hard work and heavy drinking. ' And it became very popular, with audiences we didn't expect.

gave him a screen test and a contract at 0 a week.

He paid his dues in supporting roles in “Towards the Unknown,” “The Girl He Left Behind” and “Shootout at Medicine Bend” as well as some TV assignments.

But, Rowlands says, "John fell in love with writing and directing." And Rowlands, in love with him and his talent, would become his muse.

She acted for others too, of course, as did Cassavetes — bills had to be paid.



Gena, a sickly child who missed a lot of grade school, was an early, voracious reader.

Originally the story was to alternate between the Maverick brothers played by Garner and Jack Kelly, but “Maverick” quickly became all about Garner’s character, who used his wits to get out of trouble.



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