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Even after the armistice, the state of confrontation between the South and the North has continued.In this way, South Koreans have endured decades of tension and struggle to survive.Consequently, the city of Busan, with a population of about 400,000, suddenly found itself home to more than one million people.The more fortunate families were able to cram themselves into small rooms; those less so made do with cardboard boxes, wood planks, and makeshift tarp coverings for shelter.Liberation from Japan’s colonial rule in 1945 was historically significant, and the establishment of the government of the Republic of Korea was a notable development as well, but the Korean War, which began in 1950 and saw an end of outright hostilities under an armistice agreement in 1953, was of such pervasive influence that it has shaped the behavioral patterns, way of thinking, and value systems of South Koreans, as well as the direction of South Korean society’s development, from the time of the war’s outbreak and long thereafter.Overview of the Korean War The Korean War got underway at in the morning on Sunday, June 25, 1950, with a full-scale surprise invasion of the South by North Korean forces. troops countered with a successful landing at Incheon, from where they were able to liberate Seoul and then continued northward to take Pyongyang, and eventually reach the Amnokgang (Yalu) River.Having suffered under Japanese colonial rule during this period, the tension and sense of crisis reached a peak in Korea as well.Furthermore, it was only a few years after Korea had finally freed itself from Japan’s militarism and wartime mobilization that it experienced national division and the horrors of such a cruel war.

Practically the entire Korean Peninsula experienced the ravages of war.

Sixty years hence, South Korea now strives to play a central role in resolving the common problems of the global community, as evidenced by its hosting of the G-20 Summit in Seoul, in November 2010.



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