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The Archarya must now find out who impregnated his daughter - whether it was one of his two young disciples; an untouchable male named Koga Pandit, or was it young Nani. This movies portrays the mindset of the people living in the countryside of India.

This movie depicts the fountains of hope and optimism that would one day bring back life to the then Indian society which was shackled by the caste structure.

Vikram Sehgal (Alok Nath) a renowned businessman has two sons.

The legitimate Vishal (Nana Patekar) and the illegitimate Raju (Rishi Kapoor). See full summary » Panna is the only daughter of politician Maltidevi.

On the one hand we have a guru(teacher) who wants to break out of the rigid caste system,but fears that he may annoy the other higher castes. The movie was done quite well,right from the title to the rustic setting. If you plan to watch a light movie this is definitely not for you.

In the end this torch is picked up by one of his ex students who defies society and speaks out against the rigid caste system.

In a weaker moment during the long absence of her father, the young widow falls to the temptation of the flesh.



The head disciple leaves the town; the child-novice goes back to his parents; and the Koga refuses the 'heaven' and 'salvation'.

The Archarya goes away for a few days, and when he returns nothing is the same anymore.



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