Dating oak coffers

Others were made from old fragments of carving and discarded wall paneling.

Check the construction; look for later and now discolored staining intended to disguise new joints, and check all carving for inappropriate ornament, execution by different hands, and 'mechanical' appearance.

Normally exterior plain, with square-plated iron lock with hinged hasp fastening.

Although largely replaced around 1550 by paneled chests, boarded chests were still made in country areas in 18th C. Nearly always carved decoration on front (often sides too), varying in extent; never carving on lid.

You must notify us prior to sending the items back. Vintage Oak Carved Panelled Coffer/Blanket Box a very attractive and useful solid oak blanket chest with candle holder.. "Fully immerse all of the items to be sterilised, ensuring there are no air bubbles" Stunning Brand new unused in excellent condition.


Superb historic piece with tremendous naval interestrncarrying the name plate of one g. Glorious colour and desirable aged patinarnvigorously carved geometric decoration to the front panel…Originally placed at the end of the bed they sometimes doubled up as a seat or table.


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