Daddy rules for dating


My Sister moved out when she turned 18 and stayed away. All because of our too-strict Mother's insanity when it comes to boys. I was so embarrassed by the scene she just threw, screaming at me in front of my new boyfriend and making him leave before I could explain anything to her; she called me so many rude names in front of him, too.Never in my life had I ever heard my Mother speak the way she did to me and the way she spoke about my body was completely uncalled for, let alone in front of a complete stranger.I was captain of the senior class track team and ran every morning before school; it was the only sport I was allowed to participate in since the uniform allowed the school's sweatpants and t shirts.I was surprised that my psycho Mother approved of it; but only as long as I bought the pants a size or 2 bigger than my actual size, of course.She would only buy me plain bras and panties in neutral colors to go with my plain baggy t shirts and loose sweat pants; she very rarely bought me jeans and, when she did, they were usually a size too big.


I get special after school treats from him most weekdays behind my Mother's back; an ice cream cone from one place or a fancier shampoo and conditioner than the generic one my Mother buys me.

My arm and leg muscles thickened when I had discovered a love of volley ball, but my Mother put a stop to that when she saw the team uniform was the tiniest pair of shorts.


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    - Jennifer is now wearing only lingerie and her purple LLC showing off her hot tan body on the bed.

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    “I detest you spoiled little rich bitches,” she snarled. Until I learned how soft and gutless you are.” Sue was stunned.

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    Name: Nymph (Sabrina Pratt)Gender: Female Species" Half-human, half-fairy hybrid Age:12Author: princessbinas Personality: Sarcastic, snarky, silly, smart (AB average student), can be clumsy, strong willed, compassionate, generous, always tries to be honest, can go over board, loyal, has empathy (she knows how someone really feels), has a tendency to use taunts, will stick her nose into everything (even into places it doesn't belong), careless, hot headed, disruptive (will interrupt the class, blurt things out, and randomly laugh at a funny thought), and naive, impatient. Name: Dark Inferno Gender: Female Species: Ghost Age: 16Author: danifan3000Personality: Hot head Story: Rise of Darkness Powers: Ghost powers and Flame manipulation12. Thanking the Lord for her safety and to help this young woman, she decided to go to the police station.

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