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She was full of energy, spirit and, significantly, character: Trish was a grandmother before her time, with a messy love life, and making a living selling second-hand e Bay goods. She managed to easefully instill Trish with both maternal drive and sensual vibrancy.

Her romantic scenes with Steve Carell made for some of the most refreshingly amiable, out-of-the-blue moments in a rom-com in years.

(1999) Do you think it’s possible to admire an actress’ immense talent yet still be somewhat immune to her overall allure or effectiveness?

Or perhaps it’s fair to acknowledge their greatness, but have issues with many of their performances?


was the key film in how I came to view Keener as an oddly awkward yet undeniably captivating screen presence.I've never had any trouble loving Keener - along with people like Julianne Moore, Emmanuelle Devos and Juliette Binoche, she's one of the actresses whose performances I most look forward to.


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