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• SK-II Stempower Cream – to keep me hydrated and radiant all day. But I was dying for a change and a fresh new look for my sister’s upcoming wedding. So they were as big as can be, in the world of movies stars, pop music stars, and celebrity icons… Top Hat was a movie written specially for them, especially to show off Fred’s amazing dancing. It feels like I’m wearing shapewear that pulls me in and helps with my posture. Now if you ask me honestly, I have to say that I don’t like gambling at all. Which is lovely and all, but I really think it’s a strange Kermit the Frog colour! • SK-II Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask – to prep my skin for the big day! So this is me in the morning, just about to head out the door to my hair appointment. Even though the movie was in black and white, I was so struck by the interior set designs and of course… Basically I was checking out all the clothes worn by both Fred and Ginger throughout the movie. It has some sheer lace at the top, a sweetheart neckline and cap sleeves. However, the DANGER is that I will be just TOO relaxed about my packing…. Do check out their Curi Hair Facebook Page for more photo examples and contacts! It was forced on me by my husband, who is a fan of “classic” movies. If I want to snuggle up to him on the couch, the price I often pay is to suffer through a film which is “important to cinema history”… For example, you might like to read my review of Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. We do outdoorsy things like bush walking, kayaking, boating, watching movies. I played all kinds of card games when I was a kid and teenager and I am pretty good at it. So I don’t take any risks, I am paralysed with anxiety and I play terribly.And that I won’t have the proper essentials I need for playing the major supporting role in the biggest event of my sister’s life. (clockwise from top) • Passport, camera, smartphone, watch – of course! I recently watched Top Hat, a 1935 musical comedy staring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers… Thus, I was expecting Top Hat to involve aliens, guns, car chases, zombies, weird humor, or whatever. It was so cute, funny (in a silly way), and the dancing was lovely. Well, I took this photo as I was heading out the door and there was all this kid stuff in my photo studio… I consider it to be a reflection of the reality of my life – surrounded by kids, mess and bright colours! Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Women’s Online Fashion Shopping Guide. We’ve created a happy little village for ourselves and our kids. So it makes me to see my friends (particularly this group of friends) all dressed up and without kids! But since we were playing with at this party and I was amongst good friends… Stop entertaining us with card games, give me my hand noooow!When all the food arrived, I was afraid that we didn’t order enough, but it was fine in the end. We shared a Sushia Dessert Platter (which was a nice way to sample a lot of the desserts at once.I didn’t get the names of all the desserts, there was tofu cheesecake, ice cream, red bean pancake, mochi ice cream, chocolate mousse – ).

So that’s how I found myself standing on a netball court, totally clueless and totally petrified on my first netball game in a gazillion years. I found that packing for such cold weather was quite difficult, especially when trying to fit in all the bulky coats and knits.• Sukin rosehip oil – for sensitive, dry patches on my skin. My hair looks soft and a bit frizzy because I washed my hair the night before and I didn’t blow dry or use any products. But being a girl, I was very taken by this feather dress!


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