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" Peyton prodded."But then I stopped it." Haley finished exasperated."Why?It sounds like things were heading in the right direction." Brooke said."But they weren't." Haley disagreed. My mind was in a constant battle with stopping or just saying 'screw it' and go for it.The three of them immediately dug right in and moaned after eating a spoonful. To entice me with cold, sugary amazingness if I didn't wake up?" She asked."Pretty much." Brooke said as Peyton nodded in agreement."Good plan." Haley praised."We thought so." Peyton said."Sex isn't going to solve anything, and that's all it would have been. I kept telling myself that sex wasn't going to solve anything. And then, I thought about what led to the separation and what's leading to the divorce, and I just lost it.

"Please tell me you guys brought ice cream." She said."It's ten in the morning." Peyton said incredulously.His body pushed further into hers causing her to sink deeper into the mattress. This was all happening so fast but not fast enough. We were supposed to be together until the day we died. He used to know exactly what words to say to comfort her and her down, but now, he has nothing. He knew it was probably the right thing to have happened between them.


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    Eurogamer compiled the developers' responses, which cover all manner of topics, including lock-on mechanics, camera positioning, frame rate and resolution, and more.

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